Mesto Kamnik velja za mesto z bogato zgodovino in kulturno dediščino, mesto z dušo. Kulturni dogodki in številne prireditve bogatijo staro mesto jedro v vseh letnih časih in privabljajo obiskovalce z vseh koncev Slovenije.

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Velika planina

Kamnik and its surroundings are a paradise for those who love to spend their holidays in nature. There is always interesting Velika Planina, 1666 meters high mountain pasture, a real natural treasure. Walk to the old mountain village, taste sour milk and mush or buy cottage-cheese and cheese.

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Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Kamnik Alps are a mountain range in northern Slovenia, and an integral part of the Southern Alps limestone. The chain is named partly after the town of Kamnikand river Savinja. Often there is also a separate name of the Kamnik Alps and the Alps Savinje.

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Slovenia is the only country in Europe that combines the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst. Variability of the provinces always surprise you again. You can watch the sea, on the other hand, your eye surrounded by high mountains.

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Camp Resnik is situated on the outskirts of Kamnik in a quiet and green environment.

For active holidays is a great starting point to visit:

  • Kamnik-Savinja Alps
  • Terme Snovik
  • Ljubljana
  • Golf Arboretum


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